What does it mean to live in a retirement community

Posted by Manya . . August 14, 2017 -
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Recently I found myself in the middle of a conversation with my mom and her sisters, as they reminisced about a time when they lived in a little town with their aunts and uncles as well as cousins for company. They lived in row houses almost next to each other and I wondered, wouldn’t it be nice to grow old surrounded by people of your choice and people you can relate with? It brought me to the question- what it means to live in a retirement community. The best way, probably would be if you could have a few of your friends join you in a retirement community of your choice. However, I am one for privacy so the ideal community living would be somewhere where there would be a balance between group activities and get-togethers, combined with time in your own space.

 Here’s what I envision community retirement living to be, let me know what you feel?

 The community would have a common gathering area and a shared kitchen. Daily living would include fun dinners, long chats, morning and evening walks together and opportunities for each of us to share and learn from each others’ experiences. I can imagine bringing together a few friends with whom I share the same wavelength and interests, chatting up and convincing them to join me in such a community. Knowing that I would be growing old surrounded by a community of friends as my support system whom I can depend on would make me feel secure and comforted.

 I imagine the community with a lot of green space where I could continue gardening as my hobby; there would be a school close by where I would volunteer 2 or 3 hours a week; there would be common areas to socialize with youngsters and their kids, so I can always stay connected with current happenings.

 More importantly, I can envision every evening’s conversation rife with new ideas and interesting things to do together, be it a new business idea (there’s never an age-limit to starting something new!) or community support activities. There would be friends around me who would know me in and out; with whom I would be comfortable laughing, crying, working and growing old together!

 Having lived mostly independently as an adult, even more important to me, would be the fact that I could choose to go into my home at any given time, when there is a deep desire for some alone time or time with just my partner. And so would it be for everyone else.

 This is my idea of living in a retirement community; a place that keeps me socially connected yet allows me the privacy for some “me time” and “my family time”. What does it mean to you to live in a retirement community? Do let us know in the comments section here or reach out to us over WhatsApp or email at +919900050893 & jiyodilse@samsaraliving.com

Manya . August 14, 2017

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