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Posted by Manav . . May 28, 2018 -
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Who am I to throw a ‘Stay Fit Seniors’ challenge? Well, it’s not about who I am as much as why I am doing this. Over the past couple of years, we have been exposed to (directly or indirectly) some pretty amazing and inspiring seniors who have not just taken up fitness as a challenge but made it their way of life after retirement. Be it our very own Samsara Living member – 86 year old Bylahalli Raghunath Janardan, a regular in the marathon circuits both in India as well as abroad, or this Dehradun couple in their 60s (Kamal Jeet Singh, 68, and Vishav Dhiman, 64) who took to cycling just two years ago and today cycle on an average of 35 kms a day!

Sometimes it gets me wondering how fit we would be as we age. As I was thinking about this, I felt it might be motivational for our generation to age gracefully and stay fit as we age if we have more seniors inspiring each other to start with and through transference inspire our generation as well as generations to come. So here goes, I put my head to it, did some research on simple yet effective ways for seniors to stay fit. Once you get onto a fitness schedule, I am certain you will be able to take on a newer fitness challenge every month.

If you have never really been that active, but would like to start now the most important term to remember is “low-impact”. This means the exercises you chose to start with should not subject your lower body to too much shock or force. Here are three low-impact workout ideas and ‘Stay Fit Seniors’ challenge to go with each one to get you started:

  1. Walking: Walking is good but walking on a treadmill is even better because treadmills absorb most of the shock per step as well as help with your balance and core strength. If you have a choice, do walk on a treadmill.

If this is your choice, here’s your ‘Stay Fit Seniors’ challenge #walk30min100days- 30 minutes of walking every day for the next 100 days. Follow your own pace and keep track of the distance you walk (if you are not using a treadmill e.g. you might do two rounds around the park in 30 minutes to start with, you need to then slowly increase the number of rounds as each week goes by in the same 30 minutes)

  1. Mild Yoga: Start with basic yoga and work your way up to high impact yoga. However, always be aware of what your body is telling you, don’t push yourself beyond a certain point.

If this is your choice, here’s your ‘Stay Fit Seniors’ challenge #yoga15to60min100days- Start with 15 minutes of yoga every day. Increase this gradually depending on how you feel and aim for 60 minutes of yoga every day.

  1. Water Aerobics: If you have easy access to a pool, water aerobics is a fantastic way to work out since movements in the water are very gentle on the joints. The resistance of moving in the water will also help burn more calories. Here is a resource with some simple water aerobics to get you started (

If you prefer this form of exercise to stay fit, here is a ‘Stay Fit Seniors’ challenge for you #H2Omorn2eve100days- Your challenge is to start with some basic jogging and leg lifts in the water once a day. Move this up to twice a day and introduce one new exercise every two weeks.


  • If you have any health conditions, especially heart conditions, please talk to your doctor first (make sure you check if there’s any type of exercise you should avoid).
  • Remember that as you exercise, especially if you haven’t been exercising much earlier, you will need extra nutrients to help your body manage the change.
  • Increase your intake of water.
  • Always listen to your body, don’t push yourself beyond a certain point, it’s ok to give up on the challenge rather than your body giving up.

All set to take on a one of the three ‘Stay Fit Seniors’ challenge? Go ahead and keep us updated on your progress. Post photo updates, just text messages or any other way so others can also get motivated in our community! Enjoy your road to fitness…

Here’s a quick way to remember the three ‘Stay Fit Seniors’ challenges:




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Manav . May 28, 2018

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