Spotlight on the Winners of Dil Ki Tasveer – 3rd Prize Winners Speak


We ran our first photo contest for seniors through our page on Facebook, WhatsApp and Email, which came to an end last month. We had an overwhelming response over 4 weeks with 37 entries, over 300 likes and comments, and unlimited fun!  In this series, over the next three weeks we would like to share the top 3 winners’ experience with the contest, a little bit about them and their thoughts on Samsara Living. The 3rd Prize Winning Entry 3rd Prize.jpg Captioned “Four Generations in one Photo”, this entry from Mrs. Leelavathi & Mr. Ramchandra Rajarao sure would have brought smiles on the participants faces as they set out to vote for as well as comment on it. The 3rd Prize Winners Mrs. Leelavathi & Mr. Ramchandra Rajarao pose for us with their prize, a silver photoframe. 3rd prize leelavathi with Prize.jpg How They Found Out About Dil Ki Tasveer… Mrs. Leelavathi got to know of the competition from Facebook, as it was the first thing she would notice each time she logged on to Facebook. She had a scanned copy of this photo, with Leelavathi, her mother, her daughter and granddaughter. She felt this would be nice to upload as it is quite rare these days to capture four generations in one frame. A Little About Mrs. Leelavathi & Mr. Ramchandra Rajarao Mr. Ramchandra is a retired employee of HAL and has been instrumental in setting up Taneja Aerospace right from inception. He spends his retired life socializing and involving himself in apartment social activities.  Mrs. Leelavathi is a retired school teacher having taught at Presidency School for 22. She spends her leisure time now teaching poor kids around the local community. Their daughter is a teacher as well in Singapore. Both Leelavathi and Ramachandra  love travelling and have travelled in groups of like minded seniors to various destinations. They say they find travel a very essential process of bonding with like minded people. They agree seniors bond better and tend to pamper grandchildren, making it a sort of compensation for what they did not find the time to do for their children. They feel while it is their children’s duty to discipline and bring up the little ones, it is the grandparents’ role to love and pamper them. On Senior Living Communities… They feel people need to differentiate between senior living and old age home. Old age home is a place one is forced to go due to limited resources. The feeling of loneliness/being deserted doesn’t allow seniors to live independently, whereas senior living is by choice where seniors choose to live in luxury and as part of a vibrant community. On Online community for seniors is a nice concept and would love to participate in various initiatives online in the Samsara Living community. As for senior living residences, they feel greenery, being away from pollution; fresh air would be their primary criteria, adding that proximity to medical care is essential as well. People are slowly beginning to realize that senior living is a lifestyle choice and not a forced option arising out of helplessness. They feel for seniors is a good step towards addressing this topic. In our next spotlight in this series, we’ll bring you the 2nd prize winners.