Spotlight on the Winners of Dil Ki Tasveer – 2nd Prize Winners Speak


In last week’s spotlight, we featured the 3rd prize winner of Dil Ki Tasveer, our first photo contest for seniors that we ran through our page on Facebook, WhatsApp and Email, which came to an end in March. Continuing the series, this week, we turn our spotlight on the 2nd prize winner Mrs. Gayathri Niranjan and her husband Mr. Koshri Niranjan as they share their experience with the contest, a little bit about themselves and their thoughts on Samsara Living.

The 2nd Prize Winning Entry

2nd Prize.jpg
“32 years of sunshine!”

With a caption of “32 years of sunshine!” the smiles in this entry from Gayathri sure would have compelled participants to click on the like button and comment away!

The 2nd Prize Winners

Mrs. Gayathri Niranjan and Mr. Koshri Niranjan pose for us with their prize, a microwave oven.

2nd prize winner with Prize.jpg
Mrs. Gayathri Niranjan and Mr. Koshri Niranjan pose for us with their prize,
a microwave oven.

How They Found Out About Dil Ki Tasveer

They noticed the post on an online community for seniors which led them to the Dil Ki Tasveer competition page on Facebook. At first they were a bit worried about the security of their information as well as photo. Reading the terms and conditions of the competition gave them enough confidence in terms of information security and they decided to go ahead and participate. Having heard of a number of seniors who were conned by fake organisations announcing prizes and other such saddening experiences had made them cautious.

Choosing the Right Photo…

Once they had decided to participate, Gayathri and Koshri went through their collection of photos in archives to identify the most appropriate photo to upload. The prize winning photo was selected as it matched the theme of valentine and portrayed 32 years of sunshine. Even the standing position with elbow on the shoulders, they felt, made it a unique picture.

The Excitement Builds Up!

They diligently kept a close watch on each of the participants’ likes and encouraged their friends and relatives to vote. Overwhelmed by the votes from absolute strangers, they felt the entire experience was made even more special!

A Little About Mrs. Gayathri Niranjan and Mr. Koshri Niranjan

Gayathri and Koshri are both bankers with wok experience of 20 and 30 years respectively. They both took the golden handshake VRS option on 2001 and have had exciting assignments for the next 15 years! Koshri did auditing insurance at various firms to keep himself busy, while Gayathri took to teaching, writing articles for Deccan Herald and pursued her hobby to paint. She is now exploring interesting opportunities to get a full time job…She is excited about it and will be trying out Samsara Verified Partner Nightingale’s 60+ jobs program.

On Senior Living Communities…

Both Gayathri and Koshri find senior living residences an interesting concept, however, they are not sure if they would opt for one at this point in their life, especially because all their friends and relatives live around where they stay.

In our next spotlight which will conclude this series, we’ll bring you the 1st prize winners. Click here to read the previous spotlight article.