Spotlight on the Winners of Dil Ki Tasveer – 1st Prize Winners Speak


In the previous two weeks, we featured the 3rd prize winner and 2nd prize winner of Dil Ki Tasveer, our first photo contest for seniors that we ran through our page on Facebook, WhatsApp and Email, which came to an end in March. We conclude the series, this week with a spotlight on the 1st prize winner Mrs Abha Agarwal along with her husband Mrs. Rahul Krishna Agarwal sharing their experience with the contest all the way from Dehradun.

The 1st Prize Winning Entry

1st Prize Winning Photo
“Vihaan meeting his dadi!!”

Captioned “Vihaan meeting his dadi!!” this candid photo of Abha with her grandson had many participants impulsively click on the like button and leaving comments on this beautifully captured moment.

The 1st Prize Winners Mrs. Abha Agarwal sent us this photo of her with the 1st prize, an Apple TV.

1st Prize Winner Abha with Prize
Mrs. Abha Agarwal sent us this photo
of her with the 1st prize, an Apple TV.

How They Found Out About Dil Ki Tasveer We got to know of the Dil Ki Tasveer contest through Facebook. The post on Dil Ki Tasveer was on top of the page each day and it caught our attention. Also, as we have been very interested in assisted/community living for senior citizens, where everyone would be peers and have access to all kinds of simple day-to -day help making community living easy.

We feel such communities would also ensure seniors can gainfully utilize their spare time, in the best way they can offer in their area of interest, probably a day care center for children etc. Because of this interest, we join various retirement groups on Facebook.

Choosing the Right Photo… The photo selection was a bit difficult since I was at Bangalore at that time visiting my son and Daughter -in-Law in Jan-Feb. Fortunately, all my photos were available on Google Photos and I could glance through all the photos and select. I firmly believe that as a senior citizen, there is no bigger happiness than playing with your grand children. When my grandson Vihaan came to Dehradun from Delhi, as I brought him home from the railway station, he was so please to meet his Daadi that he hugged her; I was fortunate enough to capture the moment. This picture is very close to my heart, which is why I selected this photograph for the contest.

On Senior Living Communities In my view a senior living community should include following:

  1. Lush green surrounding with a small flat where elderly-friendly facilities are provided. This may be on outright buy or on rent.
  2. Even though a Kitchen may be provided in the flat, there should be a facility to join community kitchen where healthy food is served of different tastes.
  3. Medical facilities should be provided for both emergencies as well as regular hospitals.
  4. A group Medical Insurance coverage would be of great benefit to seniors.
  5. Suitable useful engagements and activities for individuals within the community.
  6. Regular outings to nearby places arranged by service providers based on requests.

As an individual, I cannot live in a big city and hence settled done in Dehradun after retirement . Dehradun, is a small city with different kinds of top grade medical facilities essential to seniors. Antara by Max India is available for such a purpose at Dehradun, but I find it extremely expensive.

This concludes our spotlight series on Dil Ki Tasveer winners. We thank all participants including those who voted for making this a fun and engaging contest for seniors. You can also read the previous spotlights on the 3rd prize winner and 2nd prize winner.