Plots for Samsara Retirement Living Villas

Plots in century sports village available for villa constructionin line with principle of vaastu in ground+one design format.


Project Details to be uploaded on obtaining the  RERA registration nos for the Samsara Retirement Living apartments.

Samsara Retirement Living apartments

A standalone apartment within the Century sports village, with design & service  considerations for senior living community.


Samsara Residences have been designed to help residents Experience Life as envisaged by SAMSARA. The biophilic design strives to connect residents to the natural elements of nature such as sunlight, water, wind & ventilation, plants & indoor air quality. The apartments have been oriented and designed to ensure maximum day-lighting and fresh air. The unique common spaces on each floor and at multiple points across the development help to foster interaction and community spirit between the residents in smaller group settings. We are proud to have designed the facility with as much as 35% in common areas so that residents can enjoy facilities such as gathering areas in each floor, convenience stores, business meeting rooms, gymnasium, club house facilities, medical facilities, concierge services, swimming pools, pet area, laundry, vocational areas and many many more services.

Samsara Residences will be a 2.5 acre development within the larger Century Sports Village project. There will be access to the world class sports and fitness oriented Century Sports Village Club house with access to walking paths, tennis, badminton, cricket , football and other courts. The residents of SAMSARA would be a micro community within a larger community at Century Sports Village and will have easy access to the events, etc that will be planned there.

The essence of SAMSARA residences however is not the infrastructure. It is the service that is planned under the umbrella of SAMSARA CARE. The residents of the 200+ apartments that are planned here will be able to access best in class service providers that SAMSARA LIVING has tied up with as part of it’s offering to the larger senior community. Although SAMSARA CARE is available to all seniors via the on-line offering, the residents of SAMSARA Residences can enjoy these services tailor made for the senior community, at their doorstep.

With an outright sale option for two bedroom and three bedroom apartments, SAMSARA Residences are a great investment opportunity,Please see this space for updates on the plans and launch dates or contact us at for additional information