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We at Unfold consulting believe that retirement only means it is time for a new adventure.

Through our insights gathered from our retiree communitywe have identified that retirees don’t really feel that their work is done, but to want to explore their opportunities, try new ideas and walk paths they’ve always dreamt of.

Unfold Second Innings encourages retirees to pursue second careers by building diverse capabilities for exploring greater opportunities in interest areas. Unfold Second Innings promotes active ageing by offering career based solutions to seniors and retirees. The focus is on careers and capability building for retirees because Unfold believes that retirement is not the end but a start to another productive phase of life.

The services we offer include:

  • Skill building workshops
  • Career coaching
  • Interview preparation and Resume writing
  • Building an online presence including Linked In profile
  • Job search and placement

Our workshops

Our workshops have been designed based on feedback from our senior community and we will continue to develop programs as further needs arise. Listed below are a few programs which have been developed and delivered so far.

Second Innings Transition Program-

This day long workshop is designed for those seeking a second career post retirement.Through self-reflection exercises, experience sharing and panel discussions with role models we delve into the landscape of opportunities, implications and how to prepare oneself. We cover 3 specific areas in detail- Teaching, Entrepreneurship and the Social Sector.

Skill building workshop on ‘Decoding the Internet and Social media’-

This 2 hour workshop is designed to guide participants through the various means in which Internet and social media can be used to enhance our day to day activities. Aspects covered include basic internet usage, network accessing, to usage of social media and smartphones and is available in 3 modules – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Brain Fitness for Seniors

This 2-3 hour workshop is aimed at developing mental agility using games, puzzles etc. The program will be tailor made for seniors and will help with- Better Memory, Higher Concentration, Improved Mood and Help Prevent Alzheimer’s.

Preparing for a Teaching Career

We are partnering with a teacher skill development institute to develop a bridge module to help seniors looking for a second career in the teaching space.

Job Opportunities

We have been working with diverse opportunities that are age and interest enablingthat involves teaching opportunities, social sector roles, flexible work leveragingexperience and skills in SME’s.

Our ‘Silver Start-ups’ initiative aims to support seniors who wish to start/ scale their homebased entrepreneurial ventures.

Collaboration and Partnerships

We have built relationships with several organizations in order to effectively reach out to the target audience and deliver our programs. These include Silver Talkies, Goodhands,BHive Co-sharing space etc. We have extended our talks with a Rotary wing, Ashwasan as well as a bank to support our initiatives and are always looking out to identify like-minded partners.