Shreya Hearing Clinic

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Shreya Hearing Clinic was started in the year 1998 in Bangalore. Today after 19 years of completion Shreya Hearing Clinic has 11 branches in Karnataka and Telangana, with the highest degree of networking facility to provide maximum patient care,ensuring their complete satisfaction. And till date more than one lakh patients have been benefitted. According to Dr. Sathya Rannaā€¯ Hearing loss begins in a gradual way and later develops into a full-fledged disorder over a period of time. Unfortunately it neither is recognized nor treated properly. Today 8% in India suffer with hearing ailments,although there is a common understanding that hearing loss is prominently in the old age but it can also affect all age group in general. Reasons can be many like pollution, lifestyles, workload, excess use of earphones, cell phones, accidents, etc. Today many peoples quietly suffer due to the lack of awareness. Often this situation creates embarrassing moments in their lives. Shreya Hearing Centre is different from the other centers in terms of quality treatment, infrastructure and staff. It has UV and IT lab of its own and the area covered is over 10000sq ft exclusively for hearing rehabilitation, state of art facility, customized hearing audio programs. Dr. Sathya Ranna is the inspiration and brain behind this success story. She finished her graduation and master’s degree from All India Institute of Speech and Hearing.She is a gold medallist and remained as UGC scholar with speech and hearing as a subject under the University of Mysore. She is a recipient of many awards. She is one of the very few doctorates practicing audiology in India, attaining Platinum Partnership with SIEMENS, which is the first of its kind. It’s a dream come true of Dr. Sathya Ranna to help the suffering from hearing disability and Shreya Hearing is a dream project for her. It’s more like a mission, vision, and passion for Dr. Sathya Ranna.