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NEEVA has unleashed very special services to help NRIs/ residents with their property related documentation needs. With over 20 years of working experience in the financial and real estate sector, we have now formulated this specific line of services.

The services offered:

As a property owner when you buy properties (like: apts, villas, plots, bungalows), you usually rely on the documentation provided by the developers. Most of the times you are not even aware of what documents are needed to complete the file.  Later, when you are in the process of reselling, mortgage or family issues, you are totally lost for want of these documents as requested from the other party, this ends up in the property owner engaging individuals/lawyers paying exorbitant fee and end up not receiving the necessary document on time.

Generally the parties you engage charge the property owner a minimum of 1% of  the  property value to get the required documentation done. More than the investment there is a lack of transparency.

At NEEVA we approach the challenge with a lot of transparency.  NEEVA will give the property owner a list of documents which he or she  must have for the property, the property owner can select the missing documents and NEEVA will help acquire these document on a fixed fee. The best part all fees include all legal fees, miscellaneous expenses, service charges irrespective of the size and value of the property. (each document has a standard rate prefixed).

Time line

We will also take an undertaking on the time required to send these documents to the property owner.

Payment terms

Due to the nature of this work, the property owner pays us in advance, and if the work is not completed within the given timeframe, we undertake to refund the money.

Document managed services

While the documents are collected from various government agencies, we shall place these in a locker with certified bankers, till the whole set is ready.  We shall then either courier back to him through a certified and top class courier service provider like DHL or Fedex, or retain it in the locker for the property owner till they get it picked up from us.

Present services

We have currently started this successfully in Bangalore and Hosur and we look forward to work in Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.  In Bangalore and Hosur, we have already completed close to 40 cases in the past 3 months. At this point of time, we would like to focus on apartments, villas, plots, bungalows. Bigger parcels of land are a very, very technical subject and is not possible to give a pricing which is uniform, that would have to be on request.  

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