Heal clinic

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https://healclinic.in/ is a platform in the alternative therapy space which connects practitioners across therapies like yoga, nutrition, reiki, pranic healing, PLR, akashic records, ayurveda, homeopathy, etc. with clients.

The clients can choose a therapy and practitioner or our counselors help you choose the therapy/practitioner based on your health challenges and preferences. 

You can consult them from anywhere, anytime through our online video consultation. We have practitioners who are certified and specialize in specific ailments like infertility and pregnancy, emotional and behavioural, diabetes, arthritis, general well being, preventive healthcare, hormonal therapy, etc.

You can read articles on how therapies work, how specific illnesses have been healed, health tips, special events happening in your city, etc on our blog website https://healclinic.in/blog/ 

You can shop for natural and holistic products like aroma and essentials oils, energy bars, yoga apparels, natural supplements, panchgavya products, rudraksh, herbal hair and skin care products, healthy and nutritious snacks without preservatives,etc on our shopping website https://healclinic.in/shop

Please contact us for any queries at query@healclinic.in