Eye donation (Narayana Nethralaya)

Location Bangalore Contact Email Somshekar_n2001@yahoo.co.in

Corneal disease is a major cause of blindness responsible for 7.1% of blindness in India. Recent data reported that only 10 % of the required 400,000 corneas are being procured annually. Dr. Rajkumar Eye bank was inaugurated by the charismatic matinee idol Dr Rajkumar in 1994. A touching testimonial to his commitment to lead by example, is in the fact that he willed his eyes. He motivated a large number of people, and following his unfortunate demise in April 2006, his family continues their support. He will always remain with us in our hearts. This Eye Bank was established with the purpose of disseminating the importance of eye donation and to facilitate the collection, processing and distribution of eyes to patients having corneal blindness. A state of the art eye bank with international standard tissue banking facility allows us to utilize eyes collected from donors.

For details on eye donation write to : Somshekar_n2001@yahoo.co.in 
For details   visit :  www.narayananethralaya.org/eyebank