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ACTIVITY HEALS is many things to many people, it is on one hand a philosophical statement where people frequent regularly to remain active, prevent injuries, reverse certain conditions & enhance their quality of life; on the other hand its a centre where people come to re-learn to walk & run, become independent again, live a pain free life; on the other extreme this is a place for people who find that their hobby are being curtailed due to chronic pain & that they are faced with operation as a last recourse, ACTIVITY HEALS seems to provide the last refuge of non invasive, lasting source of solution. 

Services offered:

  • Fulfill rehabilitation
  • Mobility and prevention of injury needs of the elderly so as to keep them mobile, independent, active and to encourage them to fulfill their dreams

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Contact Nos. for customers: 98809 42527

Location:                                    KSFC Bhavan, Basement 1/1 Thimmaiah road, Vasanthnagar, Bangalore 560052