Healthy Routine for a Diabetic Person

Posted by KSK . March 7, 2018 -

Diabetes being a disease that affects blood glucose levels is one that needs to be managed and monitored keenly to avoid complications. A consistent management routine is the one key thing to adopt to ensure that your glucose levels are as close to normal as possible, to steer clear from regular glucose fluctuations.

In order to come up and adhere to a routine that is effective in managing diabetes, it is important for one to understand the major factors that influence glucose levels in the blood. Some of the factors that will influence blood glucose levels are: physical activity, food, diabetes medication, stress levels, and hormones. These should be included in a diabetes management routine and if followed strictly, a healthy lifestyle for a diabetic person can be surely ensured.

1) Physical Activity

This is one of the most important one for diabetic patient’s every day routine. With regular exercise, diabetes can be eased. A brisk walk, run or yoga for an hour everyday is good enough to start with. A diabetic may need to adjust his/her medical dosage before engaging in strenuous exercise activities or sports events that may strain his/her body. It is important to have a snack prior to exercise especially if one intends to engage in strenuous exercises. It is advisable to check with your doctor whether you should adjust your medication intake before exercise as exercise can interfere with the body’s glucose levels.

2) Medication

Depending on the level of diabetes, patients are given prescribed medication by the doctor. For those who need to be on medication, it is most important to note when the medication should be taken. Ensure that the medicine is taken as prescribed by your doctor. For the type of diabetes that may cause abrupt changes in glucose levels, ensure that you always consult your doctor on regular intervals.

To keep everything well regulated, make sure that your diabetes medication coordinates with your meal times. This is very important to consider when developing a plan for managing your diabetes. One can consider maintaining a check-list or a pill-box to ensure everyday’s medicine intake.

3) Food Habits

Every one of us needs to have regular meals but this is most fundamental to a diabetic. When coming up with a meal plan it is advisable that a diabetic draws one that puts his/her lifestyle into consideration. For instance, someone who prefers to have early dinners would require including a snack at mid-evening hours so as to take him/her through the night. It is also imperative that a diabetic sticks to low fat foods. Skipping meals is a complete no- no. One should ideally have small meals every 2-3 hours to maintain a healthy eating habit.

Having a healthy/balanced meal plan may require the input of a qualified dietician. It is okay for a diabetic to engage a dietician in coming up with a plan that takes care of the patient’s taste in addition to being appropriate to diabetics.

4) Diabetes Management

This is very important. The focus here is to keep your glucose levels at normal levels as much as possible. A good diabetes management plan is one that ensures that you keep testing your blood glucose levels regularly as recommended by your doctor. These tests should be fitted in to your daily routine to avoid complications.

5) Support

With adequate support from the family and will power, a diabetic patient can live an absolute normal life. No sweets and chocolates might be a little hard initially but later falls in the routine quite easily. For an elderly member, one might get help of a nursing attendant at home to ensure effective diabetic management. A compassionate caregiver would also keep the elderly happy and healthy.

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KSK March 7, 2018

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