1. About and who can log in

Samsara Living is a web based on-line information repository meant to address the needs of seniors in the age group of 55+ years of age. On this on-line platform, seniors can interact with like minded people and also contact service providers / vendors, etc for their requirements. It will serve general information that is of use to them, information about qualified service providers for various categories such as Healthcare, Travel, Everyday convenience, Financial, Advisory services, Legal, Wellness, News, Updates on events, Social, Security, etc It will also enable users to create or join Groups & Events based on their interests and volunteer or find volunteers for various activities.

2. Who are the promoters backing Samsara Living

Samsara Living is promoted by Century Real Estate and Veohm Projects. Century Real Estate is an integrated, full service real estate development company headquartered in Bangalore with rich history of developing premier projects and landmark buildings over four decades. Today the company is the largest owners of real estate in bangalore with a land bank of over 3000 acres representing more than USD 2 billion in asset value and development portfolio of over 20 million square feet comprising of hotels, office buildings, residences, educational institutions and integrated township spread across South India. Veohm Projects is a young organisation with a vision to bring value and innovative products in the area of urban living. The company’s projects are focussed to provide spacious homes with modern amenities keeping in mind the “Green Homes” philosophy. Veohm strives to use modern technology with efficient and elegant designs adhering to the belief of creating spaces in harmony with the environment.

3. What is the objective of creating an online portal for Seniors

Samsara Living would be an interactive platform exclusively for seniors. The idea is to create a vibrant community of Senior citizens through a web based online platform addressing their need to access relevant information, services and products. It would also enable one to express their thoughts, communicate with like-minded people and find a suitable channel to fulfill their desires and vocations.

4. How do I start using the online portal

After opening the web page using, you would be required to sign in or log in (for registered users). Without signing in you could take a tour of the portal to browse through the areas of interest, but to participate you would be required to sign up. For Signing up, you would have to have a valid email ID, mention your Name, City, Gender and contact nos.

5. I am not a Senior , can I still log in

Yes you can sign up and log in as a Caregiver.

6. Is there a fee to enrol as a member

No we do not charge any fee for membership. Registering and membership is free.

7. Can I use the portal without enrolling as a member

Without signing up, you can only view but not participate or use any of the customized services offered by the Samsara Certified Vendors listed.

8. What are the benefits as a Samsara Living user

  • First you get to interact with like-minded community members to connect or pursue interests.
  • Access to relevant Samsara Certified Vendors with special offers and preferential treatment at no extra cost.
  • Finally experience the joy of being a part of vibrant Seniors community. Samsara Living enables all this for you at no membership cost.

9. What is Samsara Certified Vendors

We certify service providers as Samsara Certified after doing the first level of due diligence of service reliability and quality and then listing the best among the shortlisted service providers. This enables members to access relevant services immediately avoiding the tedious process of using directories and shortlisting vendors. However as a member we urge you to use your own discretion and further due diligence while engaging with any service provider since you would be dealing & paying directly to them. Samsara Living is a facilitator making access to relevant service providers smoother and hassle-free. While Samsara Living does not take responsibility for the quality of service by the service provider, we urge you to bring to our notice any gross negligence or other critical issues with any of the service providers.

10. Is the user required to be in Bangalore

As Samsara Living is an online platform, membership is not restricted to people only from Bangalore. Anyone with access to the web portal will be able to sign up as a member.

11. Are my details confidential and safe

Yes, your details are confidential and will not be shared with any of the vendors. The sign-up details are primarily to authenticate the genuineness of the age and type of user to avoid spam and irrelevant discussion boards.

12. Is Samsara Living accountable for any issues arising out of the services provided by the vendor listed

Samsara Living is a facilitator and enabler, connecting its members to the service provider without any monetary benefits; done purely in good faith. Disputes arising out of the transaction have to be taken up directly between the buyer and seller, Samsara Living will not be held accountable.

13. How do you ensure that the members are genuine and do not misuse the platform

You would be required to have an active email ID to register. The moderator would be monitoring the site and would intervene in case of abuse or misuse. Users have the option to notify abuse as well.

14. What are the future plans of Samsara Living

The objective of Samsara Living is to create a vibrant online Senior community, which brings out the aspirations, likes and desires of seniors. Learning from this will enable the organisation to incorporate services in Senior Living homes. The company plans to construct Senior living homes with relevant services for independent living in Bangalore followed by other cities in South India in the next couple of years.