It is a nice concept to help stay connected and interact with like-minded people. As you grow older, you may need constant care; all your friends also get older! It will be nice to stay connected through this platform.

Mrs. Madhu Mehra

Having company, especially with people of the same wavelength and mindset through Samsara Living is a great idea since these days the problem for senior citizens is loneliness as most often children are abroad. It can be the same as meeting every day and chatting, except online, even if one has health issues and can’t go out. It can even help us pursue hobbies that we couldn’t when younger.

Mrs. Pushpa Dravid

The Samsara platform is extremely useful for us especially to access service providers who have been vetted in advance. We are sure seniors like us will certainly appreciate it.

Mr. & Mrs.Sachdeva

I am extremely happy with the things Samsara Living is doing for seniors; typically no one gives seniors much thought and it is refreshing to see something like this. Definitely look forward to your upcoming retirement project.

Mrs. Malathi Patel

People need to differentiate between senior living and old age home. Old age home is a place one is forced to go as limited resources and loneliness/being deserted doesn’t allow them to live independently, While senior living is by choice where seniors choose to live in luxury in a vibrant community.

Mrs. Leelavathi Rajarao

There  is no bigger happiness than playing with your grand child. Apart from that a senior online community helps one to connect with the peers and also volunteer for a day care center for children etc. when such requirements arise.

Mrs. Abha Agarwal

Online community for seniors is a useful service, but users information security and confidentiality is of paramount importance. Found samsaraliving community quite secure in that aspect.

Mr. & Mrs. Niranjan