A Journey of a Boy from India’s Independence Struggle to a Knowledge Sharer in the Digital Age: 89 Year “Young” Prof. BR Ashwathnarayan Rao

An eleven year old boy is adamant with his parents, insistent on getting into a school in Bangalore, RBANMS. The reason – the head master of the school was none other than Bipin Chandra Pal (of the Lal-Bal-Pal fame during the Independence struggle of India…

A Defence Wife’s Story Inspiring Independence in Seniors: Meet Amita Sharma

A journey of one suitcase to sixty five boxes comes with interesting stories that include new relationships, finding ones’ self, giving hope and more. Meeting Amita Sharma at one of the many coffee shops on the outer ring road in Bangalore was an afternoon of…

Spotlight on the Winners of Dil Ki Tasveer – 1st Prize Winners Speak

In the previous two weeks, we featured the 3rd prize winner and 2nd prize winner of Dil Ki Tasveer, our first photo contest for seniors that we ran through our page on Facebook, WhatsApp and Email, which came to an end in March. We conclude the series, this week with…

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It is a nice concept to help stay connected and interact with like-minded people. As you grow older, you may need constant care; all your friends also get older! It will be nice to stay connected through this platform.

Mrs. Madhu Mehra

Having company, especially with people of the same wavelength and mindset through Samsara Living is a great idea since these days the problem for senior citizens is loneliness as most often children are abroad. It can be the same as meeting every day and chatting, except online, even if one has health issues and can’t go out. It can even help us pursue hobbies that we couldn’t when younger.

Mrs. Pushpa Dravid

The Samsara platform is extremely useful for us especially to access service providers who have been vetted in advance. We are sure seniors like us will certainly appreciate it.

Mr. & Mrs.Sachdeva
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