Benefits of Music in your Everyday Life

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Berthold Auerbach There are numerous ways by which music therapy can improve mental and physical health: 1)  Beat the Boredom As we age we tend to get lost in the silence of our…

September 11, 2018

Mind, Body & Soul

The One Thing We Need to do This World Environment Day

Here is one thing we could do to make sure we are not needlessly corrupting our planet, after all we only have one and there is no Planet B!

June 5, 2018

Politics and News

The Stay Fit Seniors Challenge

Learn more about the ‘Stay Fit Seniors’ challenge and get started on your route to fitness today!

May 28, 2018

Physical Fitness

Simple Ways to Help Your Grandchildren Become Compassionate Human Beings

Simple Ways to Help Your Grandchildren Become Compassionate Human Beings As we are exposed to a lot more news and media, sometimes it gets difficult to believe in humanity. It recently got me thinking as I noticed a striking difference between children who had regular…

April 30, 2018


You Are Not Alone

If you are the influencer or decision maker in your family, you have been propelled into the role of caring for your elderly parents (or maybe even an elderly relative).  I am sure there are some days when you may have returned home physically and…

March 7, 2018


Healthy Routine for a Diabetic Person

Diabetes being a disease that affects blood glucose levels is one that needs to be managed and monitored keenly to avoid complications. A consistent management routine is the one key thing to adopt to ensure that your glucose levels are as close to normal as…

March 7, 2018